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The Ausometistic Journey

Written by Kelly Barrett

Coco,Will,mamaoct2014Ausometistic became a word for us when I started writing our story. My title page started with “My awesome, fantastic journey with my awesome, autistic child.” The words all seemed to blend together on the page and in my mind as I read that line over and over. Our simple motivation is to encourage those with unique challenges of their own. I am a single mom with MS, and learned that my son had Asperger’s when he was four. My dreams for him took a drastic turn from imagining him as a brain surgeon, an astronaut, or an amazing chef, to a simple hope for him to have friends. After many varying medications, and therapies that had no effect, our doctor suggested the gluten free – dairy free diet. The diet made an obvious difference for Will. He made major improvements, and many symptoms that are indicative of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) were much less noticeable; some even vanished altogether.
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Autism in Society

Written by Will Barrett

autism-in-societySocial cues that most people learn from observing others, or simply know instinctually, had to – and still have – to be explained to me. Maturity, I’m sure, influenced much of my behavior modification, and still does today. I’m very lucky to have friends that are willing to guide and help me. They are invaluable to me, and enable me to navigate everyday life. My friends aren’t trying to be charitable, or make the news by being nice to the autistic guy. They are genuine, good people. My friends are a closely knit group, and we support each other. They don’t mind answering questions for me that may strike them as odd or unusual, they just tell me the truth. That, to me, is the true definition of a friend.