The Georgia Autism Center

I have to admit that I was completely unaware that there was an actual autism center within driving distance of me.  That changed when a fateful shirt order, the biggest one we’ve had so far, arrived in my inbox, and when I read the address, I knew for certain this was a sign from God.

For the Georgia locals reading, the Georiga Autism Center (GAC) is in Alpharetta, located in a commercial district on Wetherburn Rd, next to the Hope Dental Group.

Since they’re local, and since their mission is so near and dear to my heart, I bundled up their shirt order and drove myself down there to hand-deliver it (people always seem to appreciate the personal touch that comes with it).  They’re not just exclusive to autism, this team of professionals works with relating cases that share similar symptoms of autism, such as attention developmental (hyperactivity) disorder (ADHD), and various learning disabilities and developmental delays.  And I’ve recently learned that they don’t just see children, but they see adults as well!

There’s an African proverb I read not too long ago that read, “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  I fully believe that if we – as advocates for autism – are going to take people’s understanding of autism to new levels that we haven’t reached before, it won’t happen by individual efforts going in separate directions, but only by coming together and moving forward as a team will our dream be achieved.  I also believe that God has His hand in all the recent events that have transpired and am looking forward to working alongside the amazing team at the Georgia Autism Center.