A New Beginning

It has been a wild and crazy summer.  College has startedimg_0805, and this is how an empty nest feels – quiet and boring.  Even the dog is bored.  I knew things would slow down after graduation, but I had no idea it would come to a screeching halt.  Other than the sound of the washing machine or dryer, I swear I hear crickets chirping.  I know Will is having a great time at the University of North Georgia. I also know that he is studying and working diligently to make good grades.  He took one class this summer, and made an “A.”  Now he has a full course load, and so far, things are looking great.  Although I miss having Will here, I know he’s having a good time and meeting a lot of new people.  This is the time he has been preparing for since kindergarten.  Apparently, I didn’t prepare myself.  Just knowing Will is thriving, learning, and having fun makes this mom very happy.